Looking for Singapore Upper primary tutors?

In our lion city, students need to do very well in their academics to be able to have a great career in the future.

Students are different when it comes to learning capabilities. Yes, some may understand every lesson fast. Others need extra assistance to study. As a parent, the best thing to do is to hire upper primary school tuition. A professional can provide opportunities for learners to get a quality and exciting education.

Upper Primary Home Tuition Benefits

The main benefit of the 1-to-1 private upper primary tutor is extra attention. Every student can get extensive care and attention from a competent specialist. Home tuition imparts the knowledge interactively.

An expert also provides an opportunity to improve the student’s performance. Sometimes, learners struggle in one or more subjects. With the help from a professional, they can concentrate on math, English, science, etc. They can practice their skill, enhance their abilities and become competitive.

All students can expect a personalised relationship. This relationship means they can share their opinions and ideas to upper primary school private tutors. They will feel closer with the teachers, addressing their weaknesses and strengthening their capabilities.

Why Take Private Upper Primary Tuition With Us?

However, it still depends on the service provider of your choice. At LionTuition, we offer countless benefits for students. It is no wonder why we acquire repeat clients since establishment. We stand out from the competition and provide optimal convenience to our clients. Our experienced tutor comes at your door with comfort. You do not have to go to coaching centers.

At LionTuition, students can master every skill at their convenience. We give everyone the leeway to choose the days of instruction. We offer personalized or responsive attention. Tuition center, on the other hand, cannot attend a group of students. Lack of attention and time yields to poor performance and low interest towards studies. With us, our service comes with an assurance that your tutor’s primary focus will be on your kids. Whether they are struggling with English, math or science, our specialists can help.

We have the reputation of providing a positive environment, minor distractions, and affordable rate. We offer great tuition for different learners. Contact us for more information. We have fantastic customer support that can handle everyone’s inquiries and other concerns.

Affordable Upper Primary Tuition Rates

Fees are hourly ratesPart Time TutorFull Time TutorSchool Teacher/MOE Tutor
Upper Primary Tuition Fees (P4-P6)$25-$35$35-$50$50-$70

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Tutor Request Form

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