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We serve to be the most accessible tuition center that can help you with your child’s struggles with Social Studies. We have the best and highly experienced Social Studies teachers who have the specialization to different topics of the subject.

In just a few matters of time, you get a Social Studies tutor who can build a better learning experience for your child. Thus, you are sure that he/she will be provided with the latest materials and teaching methods, so examinations will be less stressful for him/her.

Benefits of Social Studies Tuition Classes in Singapore:

When you take advantage of our Singapore Social Studies tutors, you can have the best chance to experience a satisfying scores on your Social Studies examinations.

Complete Social Studies Learnings and Discoveries. Whether for O-Levels or Secondary Social Studies, your child requires vast knowledge to understand and be responsible with contemporary issues in the society. The tutors at Lion Tuition help your child acquire needed skills to create valuable and logical arguments and ability to answer complex questions about the principles of Social Studies.

Complete Social Studies Examination. It will always be ideal to be on an examination with full confidence. And this can happen if your child has complete preparation. We provide your child with different techniques on how he/she can understand the questions. Our tutors ensure that your child will be presented with comprehensive learning materials so that they have the best knowledge on that subject.

Why Take Social Studies Tuition Classes With Us?

Quality meets affordability – this is what you experience on our Social Studies tutors in Singapore. We highly give value in helping you achieve your dream scores. Thus, you will be able to excel in this subject.

We serve to be the most preferred and affordable Social Studies tuition center in Singapore. We give your child the chance to excel on Social Studies on a fun and enjoying means. By simply requesting for a tutor, you are engaging your child to new learnings and growth.

Affordable Social Studies Tuition Rates

 Part Time TutorFull Time TutorSchool Teacher/MOE Tutor
Secondary School$25-$40$35-$50$60-$80
Junior School$50-$60$60-$75$90-$120

Let your child discover their full potentials and excel to Singapore Social Studies. We are here to make your child improve and give more value to the subject. Contact us today!

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