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The transition from primary to secondary school may not be an easy task for a lot of students, but it is a new opening to higher knowledge. With all the new challenges, there will be bright sides as well such as making new friends, more fun experiences during this phase of your life. Therefore our roles as parents are to support them during this transition and give them the best that we can to enable them to be confident enough to take their GCSE O-Level examination.

It is essential to assist your children in secondary school as they have to deal with new syllabuses such as Geography, History, Computing, and others. For a full list of subjects on Singapore secondary schools, please refer to the website of Ministry of Education (MOE).

With such expectations from the educational system, it is no doubt that our students are going thru a stressful study. Of course, some students can stay focused and obtain a high mark. But let us accept the fact that not all have the resources. So, how can you help your children cope up?

Secondary School Home Tuition Benefits Over Tuition Centers

Which is better between hiring a tuition center and a 1-to-1 secondary school private tutors? It is confusing, isn’t it? But the latter option has always been the most beneficial. Common reasons are listed below:

  • Students are not spoon-fed. This means secondary students can learn on their own. Secondary school tuition teachers will provide responsive and relevant guidance from start to finish. This teaching approach results in higher-order thinking skills, independence, self-creativity, etc. They can acquire expertise in how to learn.
  • Unleash their hidden potential to accelerate their grade. The moment that students realize their potential, they are more likely to be eager to study. Every time, they get curious about something, they’d tend to explore.


Why Take Private Secondary School Tuition With Us?

We have committed teachers. Our pool of professionals specialises in extensive tutoring for lower and upper secondary. Each instructor is focused on teaching different secondary school subjects such as E math, Biology, Amath, humanities, etc.

But this does not mean you have to invest a hundred dollars. The rate of our secondary school tuition will not cost an arm or a leg. It is affordable and money saving. Plus, the price of passing the exam is higher than you have ever imagined.

Affordable Secondary School Tuition Rates

Fees are hourly ratesPart Time TutorFull Time TutorSchool Teacher/MOE Tutor
Secondary School Tuition Fees (S1-S5)$25-$40$35-$50$60-$80

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