Looking for Quality Music Lessons in Singapore?

Engage our experienced music teachers in Singapore to teach you at the comfort of your own home! Our team of teachers offer kids and adults music lessons for all age groups!

Looking for Quality Music Lessons in Singapore?

Engage our experienced music teachers in Singapore to teach you at the comfort of your own home! Our team of teachers offer kids and adults music lessons for all age groups!

Why Take Music Lessons?

Learning to play a particular instrument is sure hard work. It needs a continued investment of effort and time. That investment pays off not just in getting a valuable skill, but in cultivating traits which apply in every area of life. In understanding to play an instrument, you have various opportunities to learn self-confidence, self-discipline, humility, respect for others, creativity, perseverance, intrinsic motivation, and deferred gratification.

Did you know that playing music can support stimulation to regions of the brain which support raised joy and lowered stress? Experts tell that when you actively engage with the music, it can offer you added emotional oomph and make you feel so much happier.

What’s more, private music lessons have shown to boost IQ in both adults and kids. It is also an excellent stress reliever. We understand that life could be very stressful and hectic, and releasing stress is vital in every person. You can keep your stress level down and taking music lessons for adults & kids could be very relaxing. Practising music builds up the brain as well, which makes it a double threat positively.

Ultimately, after college, it can be hard for adults to make social connections. However, research suggests that having quality relationships along with others has an impact on the amount of isolation you feel. Signing up for music lessons in Singapore could open the door to meeting different people of all ages who have the same interest.

They also have a less physical risk, meaning adults of any age could take our lessons. You will also never need to worry about hurting other people, compared to team sports. Adults can practice it with a partner – the opportunities are limitless.

Why Start Music Classes with Lion Tuition?

At Lion Tuition, we are proud to provide our music students with the following:

  • Individual Approach
    Our primary focus is private music classes in Singapore so that every student can progress at their own pace and music tutors can adapt musical lessons to every student’s learning style and musical interest.
  • Learning-Only Setting
    Lion Tuition is not a store. Our focus is on our student’s musical education only. Our music teachers are not peddling products, and your lessons are our #1 priority.
  • Variety of Style
    We truly believe that every student learns best if they are free to push their musical interest. Lion Tuition has music teachers who cover a wide array of conventional and famous musical styles. No matter what type of music inspires you or your kid, we have a music tutor for you.
  • Inspiring Instructors
    Our music classes for adults in Singapore can inspire students to ignite and learn their passion for music. Our music teachers are thoroughly vetted for not just their experience and training, but also their skill to inspire and encourage.
    Also, we have a team of hand-selected, experienced, and dedicated music instructors of the highest calibre. They will teach you music lessons from the heart. Our tutors are professional musicians and teachers at the same time.
  • Quality Music Education
    We believe music classes and lessons could be fun while offering a solid foundation in music principles. We do not just teach our students how to play an instrument for their recital. We also provide a solid musical education which will establish deep, lifelong gratefulness of music.
  • So Convenient
    Here at Lion Tuition, you can take advantage of 24/7 access to hundreds of music lessons and music class near you on your iPhone, Android, Table, or PC from the comfort of your own home or on the go. In such times when you are restrained by the factors: money and time, Lion Tuition is the perfect answer.
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Advantages of Private Music Teachers vs. School Music Teachers

You will find a lot of educational and fulfilling classes, camps, and family activities to fill your summer. Here are the top advantages you must consider continuing or hiring our music teachers to your plans for you and your kids.

When a student’s school already provides music as part of its curriculum, some might think what the point of paying for private lessons is. While a music class surely affects a student’s development, private lessons provide so much more.

  1. One-on-one attention
    The class environment provides less to no individual attention. Students who have a hard time with a concept can be ignored easily. In contrast, a good music teacher in Singapore can note aspects of struggle and offer individual-specific help.
  2. A chance to hone individual skills
    With the one-on-one attention a student gets in the private lesson, they can concentrate on establishing individual skills. Where in a musical classroom setting would this same type of attention be accessible to a single student?
  3. Offer a sense of identity
    Private music teachers near you offer students a sense of identity. It’s a special time for them where they can meet along with their music teacher and work together to enhance their skills and establish confidence. A class setting can’t provide this to the same level.
  4. Not Obstructed by Group Facility
    When a student is gifted naturally, nothing could be more stressing than having to wait for everybody else in the class to catch up. Our private music lessons here at Lion Tuition move at the pace of the student and can progress as quickly or slowly as need be.

For all your concerns about our music lessons, feel free to get in touch with us today!

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