Looking For AEIS Tuition In Singapore?

Our AEIS Tutors will prepare your kids to get ready to join primary or secondary schools in Singapore.

Looking For AEIS Tuition In Singapore?

Our AEIS Tutors will prepare your kids to get ready to join primary or secondary schools in Singapore.

Looking for Singapore AEIS tutors?

Our home tuition for AEIS students in Singapore will help your child to be fully prepared for the examination. Our team of teachers will go to your home to teach your child about the different exam requirements.

As an independent AEIS tuition agency, we guarantee that your child can develop the essential skills for passing the critical exam. Our AEIS tuition teachers will help your child to clear their doubts and understand different subjects such as English and Mathematics to face the admission tests confidently.

Why enrol for AEIS tuition?

The AEIS or Admissions Exercise for International Students is a yearly test that is prepared by the Ministry of Education (MOE) for international students who dream to participate in the local mainstream primary as well as secondary schools in Singapore such as Raffles Girls’ School.

International students need to pass in this exam to get a placing in a local school.  Do you want your child to pass this essential exam? Then, you can make us as your partner. We offer excellent quality AEIS Tuition that will help your children to get prepared in taking the examination. We promise to give them proper and practical guidance to learn more about the exam standards. With our teaching process, your child can have more chances of passing the Singapore AEIS exam.

AEIS Exercise Flowchart (Source: MOE)

If you are a budget conscious person, then AEIS is the best for your child. It is also a great decision to provide your child with the highest quality of education that he or she deserves. It will provide your child with the best preparation for taking exams.

We have the best and approachable AEIS tutors that will help your child from the beginning to end. We have an advanced teaching system to help them physically, emotionally and mentally prepared for the exam. With us, you do not have to worry because our team has extensive training and knowledge in the AEIS tuition.

Why take private AEIS tuition with us?

Our affordable AEIS Tuition in Singapore will help your child to go to his or her dream local school. We have the best tutoring service that perfectly matches to the needs of your child. We are happy to help your child succeed in the exams, so we will never stop offering them the most effective tutorial to gain more positive results.

As a student-focused tuition agency in Singapore, we can teach them the right format and method to get fully prepared for the exam. We also have the most comprehensive AEIS preparation courses for different subjects. Our AIES teachers at LionTuition also give preparatory papers to help your child to practice taking exams. We will do our best to help your child get the passing points in the exam.

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Our affordable AEIS private tutors can help your child to have a better understanding of the reasoning ability, English language, as well as mathematical ability. With us, you have the peace of mind that your child can have a 1-to-1 private AEIS tutor that will help them get prepared to seek admission to Primary 2-5 and Secondary 1-3 levels in the following academic year.

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