Looking For A Level Tuition In Singapore?

Our A level tutors can assist your child to score high in the A-level examination.

Looking For A Level Tuition In Singapore?

Our A level tutors can assist your child to score high in the A-level examination.

Are you Looking for A Level tutors?   

Finding the right tutor for your child’s A-level tuition in Singapore is necessary for your child’s educational career. If you have high standards for a tutor, choosing us is the best solution. We can help your child to nourish his learning and prepare him for the tough examination. We have a competent 1-to-1 private A Level tutor that is expert in providing effective and friendly tutoring process for the benefit of your child.

Why enrol for A Level tuition?

The Singapore-Cambridge GCE (Advanced Level) Examination, also called A Level is conducted yearly. So, your child must have a better preparation to get more positive results in the examination.

A Level Tuition is among the most sought-after types of private tuition due to its demanding syllabus, strict schedule and stressful and competitive environment for students. If you do not want your child to suffer, then it is advisable to get reliable A Level Tuition teachers like us.

We are the premier A Level Tuition in Singapore, so you can always depend on us for the educational needs of your child. We guarantee that your child can receive a quality tutoring process that will help him or her fully prepared for the examinations. We will not leave you disappointed because helping students is our passion. With us, your children can have an incredible journey for learning and acquiring new skills.

We make sure that we provide the premium home tuition for A Level that deserves by your child. With this, he or she can receive fruitful and satisfying results in the exam.

Why take private A level tuition with us?

Our team doe not prioritise the things that we can get from our work. Instead, we are focusing on how we can help your child learn to get better results during the exams. Our service will offer your child with amazing benefits. Aside from our premium quality service, affordable pricing, and expert team, you can also be thankful for how we treat and guide your child with respect and dedication.

With us, your child can receive the full attention which is useful for easy acquiring of knowledge and skills. We can give your child with 100% support to boost a level of confidence as well as their understanding to make the most of the exams.

Your child’s potential will be unlocked because LionTuition tutors use the best approach to help them succeed in the future. We can offer home tuition for more concentration and efficiency of your child’s learning process. We are happy to contribute to your child’s intelligence improvements. If you want a practical A Level Tuition, choosing us is the perfect solution.

The Importance of A Level Tuition in Singapore:

The GCE A-Level certificate is recognised internationally, and students who pass this exam can enter local and overseas universities.

The curriculum covered under A-Level have a lot of benefits for students which can be carried forward in real life such as life skills and knowledge skills. These skills can help to polish students communications as well as giving them the push to share their ideas with ease.

In simple words, doing well in this period can make the transition easier from pre-university to university.

Source: MOE’s Website

A Level Private Home Tuition vs A Level Tuition Centres:

Choosing which one to send your child to should not be a difficult task as there are lots of excellent benefits for A-Level private home tuitions in Singapore. Cheaper rates, convenience and quality, are the three main prons of choosing home tuition for A Level students over a tuition centre.

It saves you money and time which you can put those in better use. Instead of spending lots of money on transportation and higher fees at tuition centres, you could use some of that money that you saved to buy yourself nice chendol in Singapore.


Affordable A Level tuition rates

We offer the most suitable tuition services for aspiring students. With us, your child can get a unique and effective learning process to help them stand out on the examination. We will help to decrease, if not eliminate, the difficulty your child may be facing academically.

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